"Protect Your Loved Ones and Preserve Your Home: Experience: True Fire Safety with Fuseguard"

Our device only needs to work once to save your life!

Why people buy from Fuseguard

Super Fast Installation

Our self-extinguishing device comes with super-fast installation, ensuring you're protected without the wait."

Free Thrermography Report

"Enhance Home Security with FuseGuard and Receive a FREE Thermography Report Today."

24/7 Safety

With no monitoring needed, the device offers round-the-clock protection, even when occupants are away or asleep.

Carbon Friendly

"FuseGuard: Home Safety that's Carbon-Friendly, Cable-Free, and Requires No Maintenance or Residue."

Fully Insured

"FuseGuard: Complete Peace of Mind. Our Installation Experts Are Fully Insured for Your Safety."

Peace of Mind

Knowing that the device is active provides homeowners with added peace of mind, enhancing their overall sense of security.

How It Works


“Glenn was super professional over the phone . And answered all my queries regarding the installation with ease

- Mary Crumlin

The technicians performed and wonderful job - great value for money! Great product

- Dave - Ringsend

The install and understanding of the product and thermal imaging report really opened my eyes. Really glad I done this. Thanks Glenn

- Maurice - Perrystown

The guys were excellent in every way. Such a fast installation and great piece of mind

- Elaine - Tallaght

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